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Information technology

Remote Work Transition

Part of my job in the Information Technology department is to ensure the continuity of work, no matter the circumstance. In 2020 we were faced with our greatest challenge yet.

Website Monderzation

Worked with the Lehigh Valley Pretreatment Information exchange to revamp their brand.

The organization was looking to upgrade its website, the old website was based on 1999 design standards and was in desperate need of an upgrade. With EARTHRES’S Sponsorship, I was recruited to take on this monumental task.

Web Hosting

Worked with Philadelphia based engineering company host and design a website.

After having issues with their previous web developer, I was called into action. I was able to get them up and online quickly by making use of my connections and hiring a developer, to get the job done quickly.


Developed a website for a local bar to better reach their customers

I reached out to a local bar to assess their needs for marketing and outreach to their customers. I’ve been assisting them with their social media strategy, photography, web design, and hosting ever since.

Oil and Gas monitoring analytics 

Worked with local oil and gas providers on root cause analysis on leak prevention

This is a confidential project. How I was tasked to crunch all the raw data from multiple sources, I made use of SQL in MS access to correlate all the data. then plotted out the data in a graph. I then worked with our Mechanical engineering group, at EARTHRES, to find the root cause of the incident, where I then wrote up a report on those findings.

Oil and gas field work. 

Worked with local oil and gas operators to provide them with life saving equipment

 Working as a Field service technician for natural gas well pad sites I was tasked with the responsibility to set up, calibrate and maintain gas-monitoring equipment and obtaining feedback from the client to provide the best possible service.

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