Professional Marketing Advisor and an information technology expert

Nolan Hutwelker

As an advocate of future high tech prosperity, I have taken it on myself to provide solutions to real world problems through several successful startup organizations. This has led me to craft a specialization connecting product development with the market while obtaining the ability to interpret IT language and provide feedback to sales and product development engineers.

My Experience

An advocate of the future is an advocate of change and therefore I have engrained skills that allow me to adapt to any industry and solve any issue

This has been established through various avenues including participating within the Google Glass Explorer program, the HTC Elevate program, and working with start-up tech companies to develop new applications.

It seems as though technology is embedded within me, as my passion for this industry began when I was a mere three-year-old boy. At this age I began working with my first computer and not too long after I began to learn HTML while simultaneously developing a mind set that believed in the Internet and it’s capabilities. High school increased my knowledge in the realm of technology, as I have become an expert in networking and therefore began to create websites for student organizations. Further, I mentored others to share my passion for technology within the Information Technology Department. From here, I was able to perfect server maintenance, application deployments, and tech troubleshooting.

I want to take this passion for technology I have established at a young age into the future to be an advocate for technological change and believe in the ability of innovation.


Three O Four Productions inc.

Founding President

A full service marketing company providing excellent hosting & web design with a  local touch  



Information Technology 

Helping maintain information technology systems 



Senior Field Service Data Analyst

 Analyzed field data and support root cause while developing quality reports for clients.


Radio Shack

Sales Associate

Describe merchandise 
Recommend, select, and help obtain merchandise based on customer needs and desires.


my Skills

My experience has led me to craft a specialization connecting product development with the market while obtaining the ability to interpret IT language and provide feedback to sales and product development engineers.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Project mangment
  • Adobe Form Generation


  • Web Design
  • Information Technolgy
  • SEO Playbook 
  • Recorce mangment
  • Team Player

Project mangment 

  • A+ Communication
  • Under Budget 
  • Quality Work
  • Everytime

Ryan Dotson

“Nolan is a team oriented individual with strong networking skills.
His ability to interpret, analyze, and generate solutions while problem
solving is a great asset. His understanding of technology based
industries has been a tremendous help during the development several
startups we have collaborated on. He sees the value in forming
relationships with others and has a unique ability to tap into each
individuals strengths within a group to achieve success.“”

-Ryan Dotson-
Master of Business Administration – MBA at West Virginia University

Ed McCusker

“Working with Nolan has been a great experience. He has collaborated
with our team for the past 2 years on upgrading our website and he is a
pleasure to deal with. His understanding of what we need, and his
ability to translate our ideas into actions, are what makes him a great
asset. Nolan also responds quickly to requests and turns things around
in a timely manner. I would highly recommend his services.“

-Ed McCusker-
Director of Recruitment and Marketing at Storti Quality

Skylar Lacey

“Nolan created a beautiful personal blog website for me. He did exactly what I asked, in the perfect amount of time. He continues to provide me with help for any struggles or questions that I run into. I highly recommend using Noel for web design assistance!”

-Skylar Lacey-
Fashion, Beauty, Wellness Blogger for Imperfectly Perfect

Brian Caterfino

“Working with Nolan was always a great experience with overwhelmingly positive results. Nolan took charge on projects for our clients, ensuring good planning and quality work. His leadership and adaptability makes him an asset on any team.”

-Brian Caterfino-
Senior Data Strategist at Fox Corporation

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